Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday afternoon story

good afternoon my beloved bloggy and you as the reader. what's up? are you enjoy your weekend? :-)
well, i'm not enjoying my weekend, as usual STUDY and SAMAN PRACTICE 
i really need holiday, i always waiting december. why? cause it's holiday time

next week i'm gonna fight with some test aka UAS, and.................i'm join at bulungan cup saman competition. it's first time for us, we practice everyday, even we practice at class (when the teacher is absent) hehehe

let's talk about STUDY oke, i need someone to help me to get nice score. cause i wanna move to better school than my school right now. i don't fell comfort at all, but i really really really love my class and my beloved XCD. i can't leave them...
guys i don't wanna leaving my friends they totally different and that's why i love them :'( but my future it's more important.
so bye my friends, if i get nice score i will move to 'that' school......

love you ma friend


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