Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013


so hi guys
guess what?
Alhamdullillah i already finished my Ujian Nasional, it was so relieved seriously after 3 years study
in High school :) you guys have no idea how happy and excited i am.
since i already got an university in Binus International for fashion design now im enjoying my holiday
but my mom keep telling me to do another test for ITB and chose FSRD as a major.
I actually kinda lazy about that, but well i will doing that for my mommy.

and lately i've been looking at online shopping worldwide, and looking for a clothes and bag but couldnt get what i really want. some of the shop is too mainstream and too following the trend. and when i found a bag that i think its really one of a kind, the price isnt supporting haha.
I found a super super cute clothes and bags (already post it on twitter) but all the price is around $500.00
around Rp. 5000.000 for one piece. damn expensive huh
and so all the jeremy scott collection too, all the price is around $400.00. LEMME DIE

p.s > i finally deleted all of my videos on YouTube since it was embarrassing me so much and im not interesting to it again. and i asking my self "should i made a souncloud?" lol

another p.s > currently listening to michael jackson since last week, all michael jackson's song makes me feeel so calm and really peaceful (even thriller makes me feel calm, HAHAHA WEIRDO)

will share my favorite, favorite, favorite photos of Kiko Mizuhara (Japanese model) :

check her out singing a song together with m-flo, and the tittle is NO WAY. that song is become my favorite song since yesterday.