Sunday, June 10, 2012

another black and white photos

There's a cat slept at my daddy's car

A  gift from my twin leta, from bali.

A elephant doll in front of the door.


daddy's car


what's wrong daddy?

clothes. woman.

the moon

Saturday, June 09, 2012

good morning!

in the mood on writing right now peeps. :)
what's up?

well as you know that i'm huge fans of the mother monster, lady gaga right? she cancelled her show in indonesia and that makes me cry for a couple day (seriously)
my friends all told me to be patient and wait for her next year.
it's kinda made me feel so sad a little while. but now i'm over it! gaga will come to indo soon. maybe. or not.

This morning i woke up with lana del rey songs stuck in my head. and i already finish my last test or UAS.
hope the results is great too.
oh anyway, yesterday i got the email from london fashion week : men. it's said that i was rejected to be a blogger for reporting the show. well is totally okay actually. hahaha. seriously people.
so what you guys doing in this saturday? hope you guys have a great plan to do. cause i have a lot of plan.
holiday just call my name...

it's been a great one-year with my class, eleven social one. i really don't wanna separated with them.
can i'll go back to the first time ever when i walk to that class, pretty please?
or maybe can i'll go back to the first time i sat in that chair and writing in the books for the first time ever in the eleven social one class?
no i think i can't go back to that time, cause i don't have time travel. "failed joke"

cause i'm in the mood of writing i wanna share something that i think some people already annoyed by those people.
1. instagram. gosh i love this application even i don't use i-Phone/i-Pod/i-Pad. i tried once and loves this application. it looks so fun to use. BUT some people use this application too over. like use SO MANY HASH TAG super annoying! and the function of instagram is took a photo and edit at the same time, right? just saying anyway.

2. be a trendsetter, not be a followers. he? yes people, so many woman/man out there is following the trend which is so IN right now. like crop tee? who doesn't loves crop tee? i love crop tee, is so comfortable to wear. BUT come on! can we try a new trend but from our idea?

3. unfollow means not wanna be friend anymore. OH COME ON! who thinking like that is so weird. i hate when people said "thanks for unfollow me @........" and i was like what the hell....
look actually some people unfollow cause they think those people are annoying but only on twitter. in the real life? you're not so annoying. that's my think

4. i smoking cigarette cause my friends do that. THIS IS SO FUCKIN' STUPID. to you guys who smoking cigarette i just wanna said that your body isn't healthy. right? i think those smokers is already knows about the bad effect if you too much smoking. but they don't care they just smoke that and living the life. stupid.
i told to smoker about bad idea of smoking, but it's true they don't care.

5. Y.O.L.O (you only live once). nah! you already know that you only live once right? so made a great decision! like pray to ALLAH SWT. be kind person, be a good person, be a honest person. be a happy person, and most of all be your self.

(P.s: i'm not judging people who was on that list, i just wanna share my opinion about that. please respect :))
i love to share that to you all, hope you guys read that and suddenly thinking for what exactly you're doing