Thursday, July 19, 2012

hell-o 3rd grade

it's crazy, i still remember exactly the 1st time i walk to that corridor as a new student and now look at me walking with swag cause i'm in 3rd grade lmao.
so basically i wanna to tell you guys i will be not so active in here, i'm kinda busy with this fucking stuff. you know....
going to college and exam, try out, and exam and try out and exam and try out. ARGHHH!
it's driving me insane actually. but as long as i keep dancing and keep going to concert music i can actually live it.
here is the problem :
i already pick what i want, and my parents agree with that. but they disagree the place that i wanna going to. let's said i wanna go to A and my parents want me to go to the B place (which is so far from home)
and i was like NO WAY.
what should i do?
made my parents proud but i'm not happy at all?
made my self proud and happy but my parents is just like not excited?

Monday, July 09, 2012


currently listening Beyonce - dance for you right now. this song is stuck in my head since i was join girls hip hop workshop last week. highly recommended for you guys.
well, hi guys. how's your holiday? i spend a lot of my holiday at the hospital accompany my dad who had a surgery, and he is okay right now. so don't worry about that guys :) but i do have a great moment in my life.
you guys all know that i am huge fans of one direction right?
yes, i got follows by them. and i was totally shocked, my hands are shaking, and i just wanna scream that night but my twins is slept so i can't actually scream that time lol.

oh so last 21 until 23 June me and my school did a study tour at JOGJA for around 3 days and it was amazing, awesome, great day of my life! i just wanna rewind that moment again.
i'm going to post some amazing pictures that i took at Jogja last month :