Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gone like a ghost

Hello everybody, okay i know it's been more than 4 months isn't?
i've been busy with my school like seriously, i spending my time just for school and dance.
okay let  me share with you my experience since august till this month.

hmm, let's see i think i don't have much exciting moment for this month. or maybe i forgot i don't know HAHAHA

this month i went to Singapore for 5 days since 22-26 september 2012. me and my family went to see 2012 F1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PIX.
On the first day, me watching MAROON 5 and i got a really good spot.

on the 2nd day me watching KATY PERRY and also got a great spot.

on the 3rd day me and my family went to universal studio, and on the next day we just walking around the hotel and went to marina bay, and the last day just same, shopping around. 

just skip this one, nothing special happen.

this the month that i've been waiting for so long. NOVEMBER 10, 2012 MY 1ST EVER DANCE SHOW. E-MOTIONS KIRA'S SONG!