Monday, February 20, 2012

16 years old

it's my birthday and i feel so happy and excited. well, i got surprised from all my friends and i love it so much! so speechless.
i'm giving you some pictures.
here they are :

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 14th is just a date.

Vas happening guys? (zayn malik style)

well, i'm gonna tell you the reason why i hate 14th of February.
everybody thinks on that date, is a Valentines day. but i think isn't, i even don't care about that fucking thing
why? here the reason

1. i think that, why people always giving a special gift to a special person only on that day?
    like flower? chocolate? damn they're stupid
2. why on that day, everybody wants get some boyfriend or girlfriend? IS THAT SO SPECIAL?
3. tuker-tukeran coklat? tuker-tukeran kado? lemme think first, NEVER! is just annoying. super annoying
4. ini alasan yang paling gue benci, hampir sama kayak yang nomor 2 tapi emang harus gue tulis lagi.
5. everyday is a valentines day. why oh why, everybody said i love you or whatever it is only on that day

screw with that date, i don't care. and i'm kinda sick with some of my friends on twitter who sad because he/she didn't get any chocolate. oh my god thats so stupid. you wants some chocolate?
buy it by your self lol.

let's talk about today. today is super ti-red day! cause tomorrow i have a saman dance competion [saman is a traditional dance from Indonesia]
wish me luck people!

and before i finish this post i will giving you some concert date :

L'ARC-EN-CIEL - 2nd May 2012, Lapangan D Senayan. Promoted by @marygopsstudios

GREYSON CHANCE - 20 April 2012, JITEC Mangga Dua Square. promoted by @marygopsstudios

JESSIE J - 18 March 2012, Hall D2 JIEXPO Kemayoran, promoted by @AsiaLive_ent

JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2012 , 2-4 March 2012 at JIEXPO Kemayoran @JavaJazzFest , lineup:
(p.s : all this date by @JakartaConcerts)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


hi peeps! how are you guys? i'm fine thanks :)
so, have you guys heard about boy band from UK? yes, One Direction! you right! haha
i'm in love with this boy band. actually i falling in love with zayn malik first.
they music is so catchy, especially for 'one thing' i love this song so much!
i'm covered 2 songs but my internet connection didn't allowed me to upload it (re: problem with modem).
if you wondering who they are, you can check their website :
One Direction or you can follow their twitter @onedirection

Have a nice day everyone.