Tuesday, April 17, 2012



are you guys enjoy the holiday?
i'm not enjoying after all, just stay at home and doing the same thing. sleep, eat,  browsing, watching.
and back again...
so i got my packet today, it's a garskin. well, i love to used garskin. and it's a cool pattern yo!

well i'm gonna post my self with my new glasses.
and you guys have to tell me what do you think?
deal? xx


Monday, April 09, 2012

It's monday.

vas happenin' everybody?
did you guys realize why i'm using that word? well, that word same meaning with what's happening.
but as you know that i'm directioners and i crazy about zayn, that's why i using that word.
I will give you 5 songs that i think you HAVE to HEARD :

1. Mark Foster + A-Trak + Kimbra - warrior
2. FUN - Carry on & We are young
3. One Direction - Another world
4. The wanted - glad you came
5. Lana del rey - dark paradise.

That five song is just stuck in my head since last week, and still listening until now. hope you guys
enjoy my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED songs :)
anyway. what are you guys doing right now? me, as usual laying in the bed, playing with my laptop, stalking,
and looking some videos. so bored.
Today is supposed to be my favorite day cause it's monday means that i have a dance class
they told me that my teacher is still super-duper busy in LA. so he can't teach us. AND, maybe they will be
changed my teacher, it means that i have to LEARNING NEW STUFF FOR THE EXAM.
hello, my exam is this april 23. how i supposed to do now? keep learning right? i know.
so i just wish for the best and i hope they will get the teacher as soon as possible!!.


photo of the day :

(All this photo taken by Terry Richardson. he is one of my favorite photographer. his super cool. you can check him out on his tumblr. I love you terry! xx)