Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Astrid

December 18 1995 - December 18 2011.

it's alm. Astrid Dwi Oktafiyani birthday. did u guys still remember or familiar about her? yes, she's my best friend and now she's gone to a better place :)
happy sweet 16th birthday astrid, i always love you. i'm so sorry i can't visiting you today at your 'new' house with other friends, i'm really sorry. but i sent you a pray and the important thing that i never ever ever forget about you.
i still remember last year at your birthday, me, rahma and dina giving you a surprise and your high school friends (santi, niken, tiara, and etc) is coming too giving a surprise, so fun! but i can't join with you to karoke-ing.


and yeah, on 2009 at your birthday me, rahma, cae, and bella giving a surprise too :)


this morning i woke up and crying, actually i was trying to not cry but it happens...
i crying and still wondering "ini beneran kan ya? iya kok beneran tapi kok nyesek? ikhlasin ya ikhlas kok"
gosh, help me to let her go, i just wanna make her happy...

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY astrid!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

sunday stuff


my outfit today :)

super random and silly notes.
but it's kinda cute hehe
last week i register my self to take a dance class at gigi art dance, and i choose LA style hip hop and its started tomorrow.
i'm super excited and nervous
it's a first time for me...
well, finger cross!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

hello. good morning

what u guys doing now? well, i'm just laying in the bed and writing.

so this is how i look in the morning
what??? there's something wrong? called this picture "pura-pura gak liat in the morning"
see? pagi2 udah random.

yesterday my crazy friend anisa a.k.a tongky birthday!!!
so we (me and my old friend) decide to surprising her at her house. she looks shocked and happy :)
and we went to our favorite place warung pasta. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONGKY I LOVE U SO MUCH MY SUPER CRAZY FRIEND!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2011


halo. sekarang jam 11.42 malam.
this is what i wanna doing exactly, dimalam minggu, sendirian, dan enjoy the time.
ya intinya i can't sleep.. say hello to my old habits "hello insomnia" :)
hari senin dimulailah perjuangan saya sebagai pelajar kelas 2 sma. saya menghadapi UAS ya Ujian Akhir Sekolah. tapi anehnya saya gak ngerasa deg2an seperti pelajar2 lainnya saya malah nonton Ugly betty marathon, new girl, america's next top model well i'm huge fans of star world hehe
so what u guys doing right now?
have u heard that foster the people is coming to Jtown? yes, they're coming at January 11 2012 so excited!!! they're my favorite band right now.
dan kalo boleh di akui gue orangnya musiman, ya saudara kembar saya bilang begitu, so what?
dan sekarang saya mendengarkan lagu HiVi yang di aransemen ulang and the song is more cool! and can't wait to get the album next year. oh iya ini buat salah satu personil HiVi ehm hm.... "FEBRI KOK LU GANTENGNYA GAK NAHAN SIH?"
ya well, this is what i wanna doing, making some not-so-important posting.
bye people.
love ya, peace!