Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Astrid

December 18 1995 - December 18 2011.

it's alm. Astrid Dwi Oktafiyani birthday. did u guys still remember or familiar about her? yes, she's my best friend and now she's gone to a better place :)
happy sweet 16th birthday astrid, i always love you. i'm so sorry i can't visiting you today at your 'new' house with other friends, i'm really sorry. but i sent you a pray and the important thing that i never ever ever forget about you.
i still remember last year at your birthday, me, rahma and dina giving you a surprise and your high school friends (santi, niken, tiara, and etc) is coming too giving a surprise, so fun! but i can't join with you to karoke-ing.


and yeah, on 2009 at your birthday me, rahma, cae, and bella giving a surprise too :)


this morning i woke up and crying, actually i was trying to not cry but it happens...
i crying and still wondering "ini beneran kan ya? iya kok beneran tapi kok nyesek? ikhlasin ya ikhlas kok"
gosh, help me to let her go, i just wanna make her happy...

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY astrid!

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