Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 moments

1. attending java jazz festival 2010. hope this year (2011) i can come again
2. berpisah sama surapatih 30, i love you guys so so much. and i miss you guys
3. my birthday! i'm 14years old :D
4. blackberry javelin in my hand!!!! (finally)
5. watching soulvibe at citos after graduation
6. say hello to senior high school and say hello to my school (104)
7. bertemu teman teman yang baik sangat baik XCD! mwah
9. can't come to soulnation day 2 cause i'm performing my saman dance. but if i can't come to soulnation day 2 i got YACKO voice note and yacko shout my name from the stage
10. rayi from ran mention me! and RAN retweet my tweets. i know your face when you read this "yeeeelaah, biasa aja kali" but if you know i'm so so so so so happy with that :p
11. after photo with bayu soulvibe he said "kamu yang lenanci itu kan ya?"
12. FOTO SAMA IGA MASSARDI DARI THE TREES AND THE WILD!!!!!!!! pingsan woy saya pingsan
13. abenk & bayu soulvibe tarik saya ke stage pas mereka perform 2 KALI!
14. sean kingston concert! thanks to kak intan for give me free ticket
15. crying because i don't got maroon five ticket cause it's sold out. i'm waiting your KUDA om adrie
16. new year with endah N rhesa! oh gosh, endah still remember me :')

thanks 2010 for the beautiful moments
thanks a lot for all that moments, i always remember that. good bye 2010, and welcome 2011 happy new year

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