Saturday, January 08, 2011

dina's birthday

today going to penvil with my girls dina (birthday girl), astrid, dania, rika, niken, nadya, dini and last but not least ira. dina pay all the food (pilih yang mahal, mumpung ditraktir). so sorry din, i don't give you a present
astrid give dina little surprise with a cake, and some big paper with dina's old photo. we laugh, we eat, we had so much fun. cause maybe we are in different school, but we still hang out together that's what friendship means.
i'm gonna tell you something, when i just want to check my money, i take my pocket. when i see the pocket i didn't see my money, so i'm tell astrid (indonesia language)
*lari ke astrid*
me : astrid masa duit gue ilang (dengan muka lemes, tegang, takut, deg-degan semua campur aduk)
astrid : (ngeluarin sesuatu dari tas) ini ada di gue len :p
me : ...........

thank you astrid, you make me scared!thanks a lot
and thanks to dina the birthday girl who pay all the food. photo soon
i heart you din


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