Sunday, February 13, 2011

our first time

hi everybody enjoy the weekend?
if you ask me with the same question i would like to answer YES YES and YES
no of course
i'm  going to perform with my saman team at al-azhar BSD today
it's our first competion, well we kinda nervous but me i'm not nervous cause i know we (my team) will give the best for saman
okay, my number is 20, when the mc call the number. i saw my mom, my mother friends, my dad who taking the pictures, and i'm kinda surprise with it MY GRANDMA COMESS!!!
well if you think it's too over but you know the feel when people who you loves comes to see my performance umm i mean US
let's talk about the performance, when bang degam play the "gendang" applause from senior, family it majes me feel so happy :)
after the performance was end, i was so proud of my self i thinks it's not bad but we didn't win actually i'm not sad or dissapointed about that i'm just enjoy and happy and the important is i'm proud of my team,  my senior team and my self
and here we go some pictures of me and my (candid) friends

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