Thursday, April 21, 2011

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what a great seven days in hongkong, zhen-shen, and macau. so much fun, this is great holiday. first day i'm visiting maddame tussauds and that place is freaking awesome! i met my (fake) lady gaga! it's great
and the second day went to disneyland, seriuously i'm feel like child again and thanks god i'm born in wisth disney stuff, and the next day tour around hongkong and went to zhen-shen using MTR (you must try this) and the next day tour again around zhen-shen, after that we went to macau using ferry ship. i love hongkong so much, the city is so clean, but the taxi driver, drive so fast, fast and so fast. and one thing in hongkong there's no chili sauce. how the food can be enjoy if no chili? haha well i will love to share some pictures.....

finally i met her, in the fake body but this is makes me so happy. fyi i'm jumping until everyone look at me

 i don't know what's happening, first this girls smile at me and smile back. and after that my tour guide said "they wanna take a picture with you" 

i got this lady gaga's headset with cheap prize, went to ladies market guys

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