Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Day Ever

"it's a best day ever, best day ever........" - spongebob squarepants

yes, when i'm gonna to write this, i'm singing that song first.
well lemme tell you today was the best

first : i got my social class, i'm so happy with this! and now can't wait to go to school and come to social class with new friends.
actually i don't wanna leave my super duper class, but we have to.

second : i got my gevardo-gevardes jacket. that was not a 'group' but gvrd-gvrds is a name for my "angkatan" (well i don't know in the english hehehe)

and the last is....
finally and finally me....ummm i don't wanna share about this cause i was so shame lol yeah i was afraid if my friends see this

thanks god for everything.
(P.S : dear mom, you promise to me wanna pay me for that jeans. i want your promise)

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