Sunday, June 12, 2011

when teenager being stressed

hello everyone, i'm glad that my exam is over last week but the remedial is coming and getting much and much and makes me feel dizzy and stupid person.
i'm never talk about my score with my parents, well if i wanna go out to watch some concert i will talk to them. but for school thing? NO WAY
and hell yeah other things in school just makes me feel wanna go out from that place.
i want some a great holiday with my pals, and my (future) boyfriend....wuupsss i'm starting to dreaming again.
maybe when you see me smile and laugh you think that i'm happy BUT in the inside you have to see me i'm hurt and stressed about score, friends, partners, my future and other things

anyway, as usual playing with my toy a.k.a camera and this is what i got :


"when the kings finally find the love"

"princess of cina (maybe)"

"the clothes are gone"

"turn on the lamp please, so i can see you in the dark"

"feel thirsty?"

"which one i'm gonna give to my child someday?"

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