Friday, February 15, 2013

heyho people. who's back?

I've been stayed at home for 3 days now. well i got tipes (in indonesia language). and the doctor said that i have to bed rest for a while.
FYI, im in the middle of a PUHB 1 its kind of a test at my school.
so next monday i will be super busy to get my score.

anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! (booooo, i'm super late)
what you guys doing on your new year eve? me spending time with my family at one of the new mall in Jakarta and we spent our new year eve there and i got fever actually that day.
why am i always got a bad day every new year ever? last year when i went to bali for nye, my period come so i cant swam around. so sucks.

i think i forgot something.................I GOT SCHOLARSHIP AT BINUS INTERNATION UNIVERSITY FOR FASHION DESIGN. not full scholarship but still my name already in binus so i dont have to worried about looking for college.
so many people ask me why i choose that university, because they have S1 and its international school so i can improve my english, right? and second i love fashion and since i was a kid, i think when i 7 years old, i already wrote on my diary that someday i became a super great and famous designer or editor magazine.
you know how hard i am to doing this scholarship test i have to skip school for a couple days just for prepare this test and I got it. couldn't be more happy and i'm so proud.
Finally i can doing something that i really love.

[anyway it's getting closer to my birthday too...............*wink*]

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