Saturday, May 25, 2013

Productive day

I did a lot of activities today.
I woke up very early today, its around 8am (as usual i woke up at 10 lol). and after that me and my family
went to servicing leta's phone and well she changed it after all.
and after went to hanamasa for celebrating my 'kelulusan' from high school. yes people i finally passed my
high school life. huft seriously finally cant stand any longer to stay at that school. but feeling super sad to
leaving all my friends.
so basically yesterday me went to school wearing traditional clothes for pengumuman UN yah well something
like that. There's a lot of activities happened yesterday : there's abang none contest, singing contest and tumpeng contest. well my class got 1st place for singing contest. yippie.
oh and i wanna share photos that i took from my new camera digital Canon PowerShot A4000 IS.
The result comes pretty well.

this is my twins leta and i did stylish-ing her clothes today. and the sweater is mine. 

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