Monday, January 31, 2011

teenage dream

HI FELLAS. how are ya? i'm back with smile, happinies, and no more galau.
galau is just the past right? let's find something new.
now i'm gonna tell you what my dream are...
first. singing in front of the people. yes it's my BIG DREAM, i always singing in front of my family. i wanna singing in the stage!
second. meet my idol and i call him "a master" not deddy corbuzier. GLENN FREDLY. i really really really wanna meet him face to face. and singing with him. if that will be come true, i'm spechlees really
third. be a good photographer, i don't have SLR camera, i'm using nikon digital camera the outside is small but if you see the result it's not bad like you using canon/nikon SLR. I WANT CANON EOS 60D!
fourth. be a good child, be a nice girl, be a smart girl, be a tall! please that want i want. i was trying so hard to make my body tall but it's same. my body is still same short, fat. but thanks god i love my self :)
that's all guys. hope all my dream will be come true, cause i'm trying so hard
happy monday, enjoy your day!

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