Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1901 and National Anthem

are you guys realize what the tittle means?
well if you know, great. if you didn't know. well i'm gonna tell you my 2 favorite singer.

1901 is singing by Birdy, and fact about her. she's 15 and i'm 16 (so what?)
well if you heard birdy song you feel like so peaceful and relax. i feel that anyway.
i love her voice. she's s great, and i'm obsessed with her hair.
and i'll give you my favorite songs from birdy : 1901 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), Shelter, and Skinny love.

move on to National Anthem.
you know who sing this song? or video games?
yes! she is Lana Del Rey, actually me and her are twin. look at her name. Lana and Lena. lol
well, she's have a unique voice i've ever heard in my life. and HER HAIR. i'm obsessed.
and my favorite songs from Lana : Kill Kill, National Anthem, Video Games, and Blue Jeans.

wanna asking something, is Birdy album is already out in Indonesia? trying to find it anyway.

what are you doing in this blue tuesday?
i think jakarta is hitting by the wind since yesterday, right? in my house, the wind is hitting the windows
and makes me freak out lil'bit.
and the weather makes me feel just wanna stay at home and doing nothing.
oh well, last dance class is super tired. super, super tired. and i still wondering why i still can't doing that fast?
and it's been 3 month (i think) i take dance class and so much different.
and i'm not 50 anymore (if you know what i mean)
it's 3 times thar mr.chai absent teach us, i miss him.

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