Monday, March 19, 2012

it's march

hello there..

isn't boring looking my blog? seriously i'm bored with my blog layout still looking for. but can't find one.
well maybe i'll try to make over my blog tomorrow. cause today i have dance class ad i'll be so tired
well, tomorrow me and my girls are watched Jessie J's concert.
bloody hell she's looks so beautiful with blue long dress, she's just looks like jasmine from aladdin.
the whole concert was amazing, i think she's just singing around 15 songs i think. i'm not so sure
and my favorite songs are goes to casualty of love, do it like a dude, price tag, domino, abracadabra.
umm well all the songs are my favorite lol.

i'm wearing high heels at the concert... i fell like tall for a day, it's fun :D but painful at the same time. and i will never and ever wearing high heels to the concert. never.

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