Tuesday, February 08, 2011

inspiration of the name

so many people ask me. what is THE BOX mean? well, i'm already tell you in the last post you can check it if you want to :)
but you don't know where i can get this name right?
lemme tell you
once upon a time, when i was went to the mall. I saw glenn fredly new CD the tittle is "lovevolution" cause i'm huge fans of glenn fredly so i buy that CD
and the next day when i'm just open my blog, i'm kinda bored with that name. i'm looking for something new, and i see the cover of glenn's cd and tadaa! i  got some ideas
at the same time, i'm open mr. google and search some pictures...
well i got it ( you can see in my header). and finally just changed the heaader and name of my blog be THE BOX
cause i can share you what inside the box (re: my self)
hope you enjoy the post guys

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